SimplyRoam Travel SIM Card

Useful Links: Country Calling Codes, or SimplyRoam, is a global roaming SIM card specially designed for international travel. Launched in 2014 in London, SimplyRoam was created in a joint-partnership with Dutch network KPN. It provides 3G data roaming service, including tethering, in 110 countries and prices its services from 10c to 14c per MB as of August 7, 2014.

SimplyRoam offers consumers and businesses low-cost data roaming and strives to offer complete control over their usage via the company’s online portal, which allows customers to top up their balance and view usage in real-time.

Like many other travel SIM cards, SimplyRoam works in any unlocked GSM device and provides its services without contracts and on a prepaid, no contract basis.

However, unlike most other roaming solutions, SimplyRoam bills using 1KB increments which it says allows customers to more easily view exactly how much data they’re paying for without overpaying via a per MB basis.

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