March 24, 2023

LG Optimus 4X HD Shows Off CyanogenMod 10

Cyanogenmod 10, Cyanogenmod, Android Hacks

The developers behind CyanogenMod promised a “faster than ever” swing for CyanogenMod to Android Jelly Bean and they’re well on their way to that quick delivery.

The devs are already testing working CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) ROMs. CyanogenMod’s Ricardo Cerquiera (Google+) pushed out a video of an early CM10 build on his YouTube page, declaring “it lives!” This early build is running on an LG Optimus 4X HD. Cerqueira takes us on a quick tour of CM10 by running through unlocking the screen and recording and playing back a video. We’ve imbedded the video below.

While the CM10 build is still having some slight trouble with Google’s revamped search integration, the quick development thus far looks promising. Such a functional ROM so soon after the source code release makes us optimistic that all major devices will be getting Android Jelly Bean via CM10 way before their official Android 4.1 updates. This should be music to the ears of modders everywhere.