December 6, 2021

Facebook Adds Voice Calling to Its iOS App for Users in the U.S. and Canada

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Just a few days ago, Facebook updated its iOS app to expand the VoIP ability it was testing initially starting last month to all users in the United States and Canada. The calls are free, of course, and are run through Facebook’s popular Messenger application.

Facebook seemed to be an unlikely entrant into the VoIP realm to some at the beginning of January, but it seems as though those doubts have been set aside. Facebook has indeed become another option for users who would prefer not to use Skype, Viber, or other apps.

Of course, the requirement of a Facebook account may be enough to deter many users who would prefer to keep their personal data off the social network. Still, with 1 billion users worldwide, this new ability (once it’s expanded to the rest of the operating systems and ecosystems) will effectively skyrocket Facebook past the combined Skype and Windows Live Messenger networks to the front of the VoIP pack.

Accessing the free calling is simple enough. Tapping a friend’s name in the chat menu, and then heading to “info” will show off a new option to make a free call. For the call to work, both users must have the latest version of Facebook. The VoIP calls are able to be initiated through customers’ existing data plans.