January 29, 2023

LG Sells 10 Million LTE-Powered Smartphones Worldwide

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LG reports that it has sold more than 10 million 4G LTE smartphones worldwide, or roughly double the number it sold back in August, and is looking to double LTE device penetration this year with devices such as the Optimus G leading the way.

“Aggressive pushing forward with 4G LTE technology allows LG satisfy the needs of consumers and is a huge factor in our growing success in global LTE smartphone sales,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of the LG Mobile Communications Company. “Having established ourselves as a major industry player, we will continue to expand our footprint in the global LTE market with a wider range of differentiated, high quality LTE smartphones.”

The company reached the 15 million mark earlier this month with its Optimus L series, and this latest landmark comes partly as a result of the company’s increasing push of its Optimus G device.

LG is targeting the budget-oriented crowd with its Optimus F series, particularly the F5 and F7, which it says will provide a “high-speed experience to users transitioning from 3G to 4G LTE networks in countries around the world.”