Skype users in Russia rejoice! WorldPay and Skype have announced an expanded relationship to allow users of the VoIP and messaging app to process payments for Qiwi services in Russia. Consumers in Russia will now be able to purchase Skype Credit from Qiwi interfaces (Qiwi Wallet and Qiwi Kiosks), directly through the Buy Skype Credit payment page. and by using Qiwi Wallet to add Skype Credit online via WorldPay’s Corporate Gateway.

“Skype is very pleased to announce an extension to our partnerships with both QIWI and WorldPay” said Jason Macklin, Director of Billing and Payments at Skype. “Our aim is to provide, to our growing global customer base, convenient ways to pay. The QIWI payment network and QIWI Wallet are undoubtedly one of the most important payment methods in the region and we are glad that all QIWI users now have more convenient options to top-up their Skype accounts.”

Using Qiwi Wallet payments, processed by WorldPay, consumers can open a wide range of possibilities, including calls to mobile and landline phone numbers (SkypeOut), SMS text messaging and others.