Viber Voice for Windows Phone 8 Enters “Final Stage” of Development; BB10 Support, New Stickers on the Way

There’s no doubt that Viber is the VoIP and messaging app to watch this year. Viber recently soared past the 175 million user mark and continues to add an average of 400,000 users per day

Some lingering questions remained for many users of the popular app, however, so we tapped Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber and Viber Social Media Manager Ittai to see if we could get a few of these questions answered:

Q: Is there a time frame for the release of Viber for Windows Phone 8? Will this release support Nokia devices only, or the rest of the WP8 devices as well?

A: Viber for Windows Phone 8 is in final development stages. We should have it real soon. We will be supporting all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Q: Is Windows 8 PC support in the pipeline?

A: We are looking at all platforms, but have nothing to announce at this point in time.

Q: Do you have an estimated time frame for the release of Viber for BlackBerry 10?

“Viber for Windows Phone 8 is in final development stages. We should have it real soon.”

A: Viber for BB10, as announced by Blackberry is in development. We currently do not have a timeframe, but it should take less than the time it took us to deliver Viber for the previous generation of BB devices. Viber for BB10 will support Voice on day one as well as all the other features found in Viber for Android and iOS. While discussing Blackberry, it should be noted that we are still on track to deliver voice for the current BB devices.

Q: Is Viber looking to introduce special new features? In addition, many of our users were wondering about new Viber stickers. Is a new batch of stickers being planned for addition?

A: Viber will introduce new stickers with the next release of Viber. Expect far more stickers with the release to follow it.

Q: What goals has Viber set for the rest of 2013?

A: More features, more platforms, more users, more languages, more releases. Lots more. This is going to be a truly exciting year for Viber users!

There you have it. The Windows Phone 8 release, which has been the inquiry most often submitted by users, has entered “final stages of development” and we should see it make its appearance in the Windows Phone Store soon; BlackBerry users — whether they use BB10 or BB7 — will be able to look forward to Viber voice and messaging support; and fans of Viber’s popular stickers feature will have all-new stickers to share with friends and family in the coming release.

Needless to say, 2013 is going to be a really amazing year for Viber users everywhere.

  • Frank Mujabi

    Where can i find straightforward instructions on how to load and use Viber on an Iphone 3 phone?

    • Hi there,

      Please note that Viber does not officially support iPhone 3 and below nor iOS4.2 and below at this stage, and this is probably the reason for the problems you’re experiencing. We are considering to roll back Viber in AppStore only for iPhone3 and iOS4.2 users, so that they can use an older version of Viber, that’s compatible with their phone, but we are not yet sure when this will happen.

      We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, and we recommend that you stay tuned for updates and news through AppStore or via our official Facebook page.

  • vijay

    dear sir, at the time of end the installation of viber in nokia lumia 920 windows phone, showing the unexpected execution.. why? please help

    • Thank you for the report of the problem.

      We kindly ask that you take a minute and report the details of the problem to our support team using this direct link: (when you submit the ticket, please make sure to add the URL of our conversation). With this information, our development team will hopefully be able to find the source of the problem, and ultimately resolve it.

      Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Anisa nasier

    Keep help new viber foreget emali password &appleld foreget help viber help

  • Anisa


    • Josh Nay

      How can I help? 🙂

  • Arvin

    I installed Viber on Windows Phone 8. It installs well but when it tried to pass the “Enter your Name” step, its says, “no Viber Service”
    Anyone know why?

    • Have you tried turning your device off and back on?

      • Hi Arvin,

        There might have been a temporary issue with our servers. As suggested, please try rebooting your device, and testing Viber again. Does it work now?

  • Manjeet Singh

    It’s been ages now, you announced the final stage of Viber for bb10. Does someone have any update on it?

  • rasuljahan


  • Gene

    As of 2015 VIber on Windows Phone has Viber-in permanently turned off, while the switch appears on. Avoid Microsoft. It blocks Line2 on Windows PHone as well, so we all are supposed to by Skype