March 21, 2023

Viber Voice Service for Windows Phone 8 Coming in “March or April”?

Viber logo, Viber app, Viber for Android iPhone

Many of you have been asking about information as to when voice calling would be available for Viber. We have been looking for any kind of confirmation on a date for awhile and found one that actually showed up a couple of days ago on Twitter from Viber CEO Talmon Marco, who pinpoints the release date as early as the next few days to next month:

Viber for Windows Phone 8, Viber WP8

This news comes just under two weeks after we were able to confirm that the Viber app has indeed entered its “final stage of development for WP8, so this tweet by the CEO is very parallel with that news. While an exact date is still not known at this point, we have reached out to Viber and will let everyone know of the app’s release as soon as it’s known.

Until then, be sure to download the Viber Messaging app from the Windows Phone Store so you can be ready when Viber hits!