November 27, 2022

WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 Gets Menu Enhancements, Other Improvements

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WhatsApp may not have the strongest following on BlackBerry 10 compared to all the other operating systems, but it’s safe to say there are still a number of users who do utilize the app alongside BBM for all their communication needs.

If you’re one of these users, you’ll be happy to know that WhatsApp for BB10 has just been updated to version 2.9.3997.0 and the newest version brings a number of improvements, specifically where the menu actions are concerned.

The update adds many context menu actions to chat messages and contact items, including “add” and “block” options for chat conversations with contacts who are not in the address book. An “email conversations” option has been added as well, so you should not have any trouble keeping your conversations saved.

Aside from the menu enhancements already mentioned, the new version of WhatsApp also brings an improved “Send Location” feature and teaches the application how to speak French and Italian.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be an update without the usual round of bug fixes, and this update is no exception. Issues loading profile photos and contact status updates were among those bugs eradicated in the latest version, which is now available in the BlackBerry World store.