A few days ago, TravelSIM launched a conference calling service for its global SIM card, a useful feature for many business customers as well as traveling consumers who want to stay in touch with multiple (up to 10) people simultaneously. A voice reminder for maximum user count will greet the TravelSim customer when 9 people have been added to the conference.

The service itself is free, but each call made will be billed individually based on each participant in the conference, and the call itself will be paid for by the user who initiated the call. Customers can initiate the TravelSim Conference service by dialing +372993 on their TravelSim-powered device, then press the star key to add a new user. Any number can be called regardless of carrier as long as the correct international calling code for each participant is used.

This is, of course, on top of TravelSim’s unique relationship with Skype — which allows Skype users to make free calls to TravelSim customers — and recently-lowered international data rates.