It’s been a couple days more than a month since we last saw any update stirrings from the Fring for iOS camp and now Fring is bringing more features and improvements to iPod, iPad, and iPhone owners with version 6.3.1 of its popular messaging app.

Speed is the big benefit in this latest update. The new version provides a “faster and more robust connection to network” according to the company’s changelog, which is a very good thing, especially in an app used for communication. Whether this will be a notable difference, though, is really up to you to decide.

One of the most newsworthy of the new additions to Fring for iOS is the Call Hold feature, which brings Fring calls closer to native dialer calls by allowing you to put a caller on hold when an incoming cellular call interrupts a FringOut call.

The new update also brings an option to reorder your favorite contacts. Ready to experience it for yourself? You can download the update right now in the iOS App Store.

  • Casey

    Can you get incoming calls with Fring?

    • David

      Nope. Fringout is outgoing only. Nimbuzz is the same way. It’s weird that you can’t get incoming :/

    • Ben Jammin’

      Nope only outgoing

  • Ben Jammin’

    I still can’t believe people still use Fring. It seem so old.

    I remember using this on my old Nokia Symbian. When Fring decided they weren’t going to update their app to support Windows Phone, I decided I wouldn’t use them anymore when I got my WP.

    Then again, I guess Skype is older 😛