February 6, 2023

WhatsApp Messenger Beta for Windows Phone 7.8 Images Leak, Show New Look

WhatsApp, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8

Don’t worry, Windows Phone 7.8 users, WhatsApp hasn’t forgotten about you. New images have leaked online of a new beta version that will be coming out in the future for the OS.

The new images, courtesy of WPCentral, show screenshots of the upcoming version of the popular messaging app, which will be bringing a number of new features and a new look.

First of all, the update isn’t going to be getting rid of the audio API that is currently in use, but it will be optimized and rewritten to be “much faster” now. Apparently, the WhatsApp developers think of it as a great solution to solve an uploading problem, and having this solution in place allows users to continue uploading in the background without having to leave the app open in the foreground in order to successfully complete the upload.

The upcoming version for Windows Phone 8 is said to drop the audio API since it can handle background tasks much more efficiently and dependably.

Other upcoming features include new chat emoticon support, link to voice call, square notifications, fast resume, double wide live tile, and larger inline image support.

While there isn’t a solid release date yet, the new version of the app is nearing its completion, so it could be out in the Live Tile wild within the next month or two. For now, you can enjoy some images courtesy of WPCentral below.