March 24, 2023

Alleged Nokia EOS Metallic Body Leaks With a Dozen Clones Looking On

Nokia EOS, Windows Phone 8, Smartphone leaks

Device leaks are a dime a dozen and sometimes they even come in a dozen, as is the case with the Nokia EOS, which recently appeared on camera courtesy of Weibo user ictech with a dozen of its brethren looking on.

So what can this mean exactly? Well, for starters it means the device has likely reached a stage of early production, though it’s difficult to say for sure. Nokia has scheduled an event on July 11, and we may have to wait until then to know for sure. Until that time, we can only speculate.

As far as the photo is concerned, however, if we assume it’s the final form of the EOS, it looks to be pretty similar in layout to existing Lumia devices — the volume, power, and camera button arrangement appears to be the same, and the plate is said to be able to hold a 41 megapixel shooter as we previously reported. The one pictured is in aluminum, yes, but it’s very possibly that different variations could be released that consist of both the aluminum body as well as one made of polycarbonate as has been seen with the Lumia 900 series.

Again, this is all pure speculation. Hopefully all will be revealed on July 11. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes open for more amazing leaks.