September 27, 2022

IMO Messenger Receives WebP Image Support on Both Android’s Beta and Non-Beta Versions

imo messenger, instant messaging, VoIP calling apps and its beta counterpart have both received some tweaking on Android, and it’s really not minor tweaking although it will appear to have changed nothing.

It’s called WebP (pronounced “weppy”) and in essence, it’s an image format developed by Google that employs compression techniques that keep images from losing their sharpness and high quality while being 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEG images. Both (IMO) and IMO Beta for Android have received these image upgrades, and that should help both applications load a bit faster.

While no other platforms have been announced as of yet, we wouldn’t be surprised to see WebP make an eventual appearance on their apps for other platforms, namely the versions for iOS.

It just goes to show, anything that takes up less space and is still able to retain the same great looks is always better. Well, not always, but that statement opened up a can of puns and jokes that was way too big for our minds and keyboards to handle, so we just left it alone.