And so the integration continues across the board at the Microsoft offices. The company is getting Windows 8.1 preview (available for download yesterday) out the door, but the company is also keeping some things saved for the final 8.1 (also known as Blue) release.

One of these interesting tidbits was just disclosed by The Verge, with a reveal that Skype would be replacing the native Messaging app in Windows 8 according to the all-important “sources familiar with Microsoft plans.”

Skype will be integrated even further into Windows 8.1 and will also bring some key improvements to the platform. One of these improvements worth mentioning is with the ability to answer calls from the OS’s lock screen.

With the retirement of Windows Live Messenger back in April, Microsoft has been working tirelessly to get rid of other remnants of the service, and the Messaging app definitely fell under that category, built into Windows 8 from the start. Skype itself will stay a standalone app but will be able to tie in to other applications.

We’ll be able to see this integration when the new updated OS ships with the new 7-inch and 8-inch tablets later this year.

  • gail

    About time. This is yet another example of something that should have been done with Win8 from the beginning.

  • Yazzie

    Skype should sync everything: call history, messages, favorites, etc..
    It’s a service that requires you to be on the Internet to work, so why

    • Emmalynn

      Doesn’t it already to this?? I can see my messages from my phone and Win8 version just fine…

  • Zultan The Englishman

    Good, now I won’t have to deal with double notifications!

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Finally, I’ve personally found it odd that Skype doesn’t come pre-installed on most Windows 8 P.C.’s, Skype is a great and universal Messenger, Skype already is busy beating Whatsapp on the Mobile front, there is no reason NOT to ship it with Windows, Microsoft must also include the good features from Windows 8’s Windows Live Messenger into Skype, I don’t hope it’s just the (optional) Skype RunTime app from the Windows Store, but also include a whole load of new and unique features to woo more users over to this O.S.

    • Ben Jammin’

      This. We need unique features, and having Windows Live Features as well would give Skype (and Windows 8/Windows Phone 8) the edge it needs to stay very competitive.