November 27, 2022

Windows Store Reaches 100,000 Total Apps Faster Than iPad, Android, and Windows Phone

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It may have received a bit of a backlash for its new design, but let it not be said that Windows 8 has failed to impress. The operating system has amassed over 100 million license sales and has reached yet another milestone: 100,000 apps.

In fact, as reported by The Verge, the Windows Store has reached the 100,000 apps mark faster than its mobile counterpart by about 11 months. In addition, it’s grown faster than the iPad app count by 7 months and Android by the same 11 months as Windows Phone.

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It seems as though Microsoft is well on its way to having its dream of a Live Tile world come true. As time goes on, the legacy desktop that many Windows users hold dear will become less and less dominant, finally giving way to the artist formerly known as Metro sometime in the far future. For now, the company is continuing to make its push to get big name apps in the Windows Store.