Users of the ever popular KakaoTalk for Apple devices have just been given a major update courtesy of the South Korean firm, bringing a host of new features and improvements to the messaging application.

The new version 3.6.7 update adds a new “Favorites” feature for emoticons to allow users to group frequently used emoticons in the emoticon tab. Emoticons can be added to Favorites by tapping [star] at the top-left corner of the emoticon preview box after selecting an emoticon.

That’s not all. Some additional changes in this version include:

  • Added “Settings” menu in the emoticon tab: The order of emoticons can be changed straight away in the emoticon tab.
  • Modified UI within the chatroom: Frequently used settings can be accessed by pressing the button at the top-right corner.
  • Added “Send Optimized Image” feature: Images can be optimized according to network conditions.
  • OS 7.0 issues: Fixed a problem where the app crashed when the app is locked with passcode and additional bug fixes

Be sure to grab the latest update through iTunes and stay up to date with the latest KakaoTalk news, add-ons, apps, reviews, and more through our official KakaoTalk page.