Some users have been reporting minor issues with Voxer for Windows Phone, such as messages not downloading, notifications not popping up, and the like. Rest assured, the Voxer team is hard at work in fixing these issues and we’re doing what we can to help the process along. In fact, the team has just released a fix this morning that does address some of these reported issues.

According to Voxer, the main fixes include “better handling of notifications” as well as “fixing the slowness” that some users were experiencing when attempting to send and receive messages. We can report that so far the messages are downloading at a faster pace. The official change log notes “many notification fixes” and “other bug fixes” are part of the update, but our extra detail comes courtesy of Voxer.

The team is continuing its tireless efforts at creating the best possible experience on Windows Phone even as we speak, so if you’re still experiencing some issues, let us know in the comments and we’ll happily pass this information along to Voxer with our own reports. Be sure to download the latest version of Voxer before posting to make sure you’re getting the latest fixes.

  • Ben Jammin’

    Downloading it now!

    Hey Josh, any update on Pro for WP8 and if/when it will be available?

    • No word yet, Ben! I’ll let you know when i hear anything.

    • voxerteam

      It’s looking like only a few more weeks! No specific date planned yet but coming soon. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

  • Sakina Jattt

    As I said on the store review, awesome app once they fix it. MAJOR issue with playing messages: they get
    stuck on downloading until I log out and back in. However, that only
    works one message at a time 🙁

    • Hi Sakina! You’re using version released this morning right?

      • Sakina Jattt

        Just uninstalled and reinstalled to make sure I had the right version. will try it.

  • voxerteam

    Hey Sakina,

    Are the issues with playing messages still happening after the 9.24 update?

  • Guest

    @BenJammin2003:disqus It’s looking like only a few more weeks! Thanks for your patience. 🙂