February 7, 2023

China Unicom, Tencent Collaborative WeChat SIM Card Approaches One Million in Sales

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Late last month, China’s Tencent and China Unicom announced the WeChat SIM card, which quickly grew in popularity, amassing 700,000 orders within the first 24 hours of its availability.

Since then, sales of the SIM card, called the “Weixin Wo” SIM in the country have reached nearly 1 million in sales according to the two companies.

WeChat has certainly been on a roll as of late. Tencent’s app surpassed WhatsApp and Skype in worldwide popularity early last month just before revealing that over 100 million of its users reside outside China.

Most recently, the company launched version 5.0 of WeChat after making the same version available to iOS users earlier in August. The new version brought animated stickers and a special Hold Together function to both Android and iOS while only iOS users received social gaming for now.

Needless to say, the past month has certainly been a massive one for the application as it battles for supremacy against competitors such as LINE and KakaoTalk. It will certainly be interesting to see how WeChat finishes the year.