December 2, 2022

Smoother Version of Voxer Now Available for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Voxer, Push to talk apps, Android messaging

It’s been less than 72 hours since Voxer unleashed a new logo and more upon its Android app, but some users had reported a few crashes that came along with that last bug update, crashes that have been fixed as of today.

While version does fix the crashing issues that some users experienced, it does little else. Still, we’re always happy to see more stable apps hit Google Play, which is where the latest version of Voxer can be downloaded.

Starting with the iOS update in August, Voxer has changed its icon from it’s classic smiley icon to a newer one depicting (fittingly) a walkie-talkie. The feedback on the new logo has been quite positive.

Still no word yet on when the new logo will roll out to Windows Phone devices, but we’d be surprised if the update wasn’t released soon. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground, eyes to the sky, and let everyone know as soon as the update is released.