January 29, 2023

BlackBerry Messenger for iOS, Android Rolling Out Now, Download Links Are Live

BlackBerry Messenger, BBM, BBM Voice

BlackBerry Messenger has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. The rollout began this morning for both iOS and Android devices. BBM showed up in New Zealand first, with other territories still rolling out as of this writing.

This is certainly fantastic news in the wake of the company’s recent decision to back away from the consumer market in favor of focusing solely on the enterprise “prosumer” market, as BlackBerry describes it.

BlackBerry Messenger joins many other messaging and VoIP heavy hitters such as WhatsApp and Viber as it tries to maintain its 60 million strong user base, and even in the face of such extreme competition, it’s pretty safe to say that BBM certainly has a good chance of establishing a firm foothold in the iOS and Android ecosystems.

Download the new BBM here. If the app hasn’t shown up for you yet, keep trying and it should get to you in short order. Let us know in the comments if you’ve downloaded it and how it works for you!