January 29, 2023

DOODAD Launches Beta Program in Italy for Roaming SIM, Offers $20 of DOO-DATA for First Tester

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When in Rome … well, now you can really roam. Global carrier DOODAD has just made the beta in Italy official nearly a week after launching the program in Mexico, Switzerland, Indonesia, Turkey and Thailand.

“The current price is $1.20/MB and there’s $20 DOO-DATA up for grabs for the first person to test it and give us feedback in Italy,” DOODAD CEO Sarah Neill tells us.

DOODAD also hopes to lower the pricing in the region to be more aligned with the rest of Europe, which saw drastic roaming cost cuts in July and is currently seeking additional legislation for new laws that could eventually lead to the ban of roaming costs in the region altogether.

If you’re ready to get your roam on and also get your hands on some free DOO-DATA to keep you connected with your friends and family on your smartphone or tablet, get your DOODAD via the official DOODAD website right now and make your Italian holiday a most memorable one.