December 2, 2022

Switching to a New Windows Phone? WhatsApp Messenger Beta Receives Account Migration Feature

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If you’re part of the internal, non-public beta channel for Windows Phone‘s version of WhatsApp, you should be able to download beta 332 of the app, which was released less than 12 hours ago.

WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Beta, WP WhatsApp updateThis new update brings a new account migration feature to the popular messaging application, which should make it by far easier to switch between Windows Phone devices.

As can be seen in this screenshot obtained via WP Central, users can navigate to Settings and then tap on Account to locate a new Change My Number option, which will take you through process step-by-step, starting with entering your old number and new number.

These features are, of course, in addition to the pre-recorded video attachments and the ability to save sent videos added in a previous update.

Because WhatsApp is tied to your phone number — and up until now you could only register a new number with the service — this feature is a welcome addition for Windows Phone users, and brings the app up to par with Android and iOS.

Of course, the vast majority of users still have to wait for the release to go public before being able to utilize these features, and there’s no telling when they’ll make their way to the official app. Still, the fact that WhatsApp is hard at work and has these features planned bodes well for the messaging application and its future on Microsoft’s growing mobile OS.