November 27, 2022

Windows Phone Store Exceeds 200,000 Total Apps, Adding 10,000 in Three Weeks

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After reaching 190,000 total apps toward the end of last month, the Windows Phone Store is now host to over 200,000 according to Microsoft, adding 10,000 apps in roughly three weeks.

These 200,000 apps net 12 million transactions per day.

Growth of the app store has been steady. 70,000 apps have been added since February as developer interest in the world’s 3rd largest mobile ecosystem has started to increase. A number of high-profile applications have arrived on the platform lately, including Vine.

Microsoft has been making strides to improve its app situation.

Microsoft has been making strides to improve its app situation, including the launch of Windows Phone App Studio at the end of last summer. Since then, thousands of developers have taken to creating their own projects, each of which are at different levels of quality.

While iOS and Android have a clear lead over Windows Phone, the world of Live Tiles has started to see growth lately that has not been seen in its history, which means more great apps are on the horizon for Windows Phone users — hopefully even more support from our favorite calling and messaging apps.