January 29, 2023

KakaoTalk Sprays Its PC App for Bugs and Includes Text Readability Improvements

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KakaoTalk for PC has been acquiring new functionality and new features ever so steadily. Last week, the ability to “float” chat windows was added to the list of these new features. PC version updates have been rolling out consistently every week or two, and this week is no exception.

The new Kakao for PC (version fixes a problem that’s plagued users whenever they would attempt to log in. The app would often randomly crash and force users to log in a second time.

The update also makes some tweaks to the app’s text, improving its legibility. It’s not immediately clear what kind of tweaks were made (increased font size, new font type, etc.) but if you notice anything different from the previous version, let us know in the comments below.

The new update also makes use of some additional but unspecified bug fixes and stability improvements.

Naturally, the new version also includes the beloved features from previous versions including the new “File Box” feature that was added just last month.

The update should be an automatic download or as simple as clicking the Update button, but if you need to perform a clean install — or you don’t have Kakao for PC yet — you can get it via the KakaoTalk website.