February 6, 2023

Glympse Partners With Samsung’s ChatON to Provide Location Services to 180 Million Users Worldwide

ChatON, Glympse, Location Sharing data

Just a few days ago, ChatON received a new update that gave it some new notifications and sync abilities, and now Samsung’s app is partnering with leading location sharing provider Glympse to provide temporary location sharing to ChatON‘s 180 million users. Together, both apps hope to provide “a more rich and visual experience for users.”

ChatON, which connects users across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and more, enables people around the globe to communicate without being required to use a specific device or operating system to keep in touch, a philosophy that runs parallel to that of Glympse.

A specific device or operating system is not required to share location via ChatON

“There are great synergies between Samsung’s ChatON and Glympse, and we’re excited to give the app’s global user base access to real-time location sharing,” said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. “We believe location technology should be ubiquitous and incredibly easy to use, and by putting it directly into an SMS conversation, we’re providing a rich and immediate way for people to share where they are.”

Share via ChatON or the native Glympse application from anywhere

The new Glympse integration will allow ChatON users to share locations with their friends while messaging or even from the native Glympse application. Sharing via the ChatON application means those who use Samsung’s messaging app won’t have to learn a new interface and makes the whole process a lot more seamless. Simply tap on the Glympse icon to enable the sharing of location data in real-time for a set period of time.

“We always strive to provide our users with the best, most innovative technologies to enhance their mobile conversations and, we hope, to make their lives easier,” said Jay Park, vice president, Samsung Electronics. “Real-time location sharing was at the top of our list, and we are excited to partner with Glympse to offer their technology to ChatON users around the globe.”

If you don’t have ChatON downloaded on your device yet, you can get it here. You can also find out more about the Glympse location sharing service via the Glympse website.