March 21, 2023

Tango Teaches Its News Feed Some New Dance Moves With Spotify Music and Videos, More Coming Over “Next Few Months”

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If you’re a Tango user who’s also a fan of the app’s News Feed, you’ll be excited to know that the News Feed has exited beta and has been given a nice boost thanks to some new enhancements.

Tango has doubled engagement overall in last year since adding gaming and social features like News Feed, which now includes some new ways to express user personalities beyond simply sharing and liking photos.

Spotify integration has made conversations more “sentimental” and “emotional”

One of these new methods of self expression is the addition of songs from Spotify to the News Feed, allowing users to share more than 20 million songs with their friends. Spotify integration with Tango also launched last year and since then, “hundreds of millions of songs” have been shared by over 20 million users in both one-on-one and group chats on the Tango app and have made conversations more “sentimental” and “emotional.”

“Tango is one of the best ways to stay connected, and with today’s announcement, we’re expanding the capabilities of our service, and giving our members richer and more meaningful ways of expressing themselves,” said CEO and Founder Uri Raz. “With music from Spotify now available in Tango’s News Feed, it’s a great way to share the moment. For example, if you’re having a great day and want everyone to know it, share ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams to your News Feed.”

Spotify music isn’t alone, either. Video sharing is also making a debut in the News Feed. Users can now record a video from within the Tango News Feed and, using iOS, upload a video clip from the gallery to share a favorite experience with friends.

“We’re excited to make our News Feed experience richer and more engaging with music and video for members to connect with others, and making content an integrated part of conversations,” said Jamie Odell, senior director of product management for Tango. Odell told TruTower that the enhancements were “around discovering interesting things” and “providing ways to interact” for users.

Support for Animated Surprises and game leaderboard updates forthcoming

These two enhancements are, of course, in addition to other types of content that can already be shared to your News Feed, and it’s not over quite yet; Tango plans to implement support for its Animated Surprises as well as its gaming SDK, allowing the sharing of game leaderboard updates and giving you the opportunity to brag en masse about your high score in Road Riot or any of the other Tango Games available.

The News Feed launch follows Tango’s announcement of a partnership with Zynga and integration with the ever popular “Words With Friends.” Prior to that, Tango revealed a $280 million round of funding led by Alibaba Group.

To experience the newly enhanced Tango News Feed for yourself, download the app on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Hopefully those of us on Windows Phone 8 won’t have to wait too much longer to partake in the News Feed and Tango goodness.