March 21, 2023

Tango Unlocks Animated “Surprises” on Android and iOS, Makes Them Free

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Tango‘s “surprises” in a nutshell are animated stickers, emoji, or emoticons (depending on which term you’d care to use) that are available either for free or for sale via the Tango communications application.

Today, Tango has decided to unlock five of its most popular paid animated packs for users and give them away for free, all valued at $9.96 USD. The five packs listed below are now free to use in messages to family and friends:

  1. Love Surprises Pack
  2. Flirty Surprises Pack
  3. Movie FX Pack
  4. On the Move Pack
  5. Everyday Messages Pack

Tango is quick to stress that these animated surprises will be unlocked forever and are not a limited time promotion.

Of course, to partake in these splashy animated surprises, you have to be signed up for Tango and (sadly) you have to be on iOS and Android. You can download Tango here to get these on your device. Here’s hoping Windows Phone users will be able to enjoy the animated surprises with all of our pals on Tango in the very near future.