February 5, 2023

United States, United Kingdom, and 7 More Countries Now Have LINE’s Creator’s Market

LINE app, LINE creator's market, diy sticker shop

When LINE first announced its Creator’s Market sticker shop back in February, which lets you create and sell your own stickers through the messaging app, it seemed to strike a creative chord with users around the world, but only those in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia were able to partake when the shop launched on May 8. However, that’s quickly about to change.

LINE has just announced the expansion of Creator’s Market to the USA, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Creator’s Market allows anyone to create animations for sticker packs which, if approved, are sold across Line’s messaging service to its 470 million registered users. Creators keep 50 percent of the proceeds, the rest goes to the app store operators like Apple or Google, and of course to LINE itself.

LINE Creators Market has topped 100,000 creators and 14,000 sets of submitted stickers

Since the opening of registrations and submissions on April 16, 2014, LINE Creators Market has topped 100,000 creators and 14,000 sets of submitted stickers. Over 1.7 million sets were sold and a total revenue of JPY 150 million was achieved within one month after the stickers went on sale in May. Creators’ stickers have been sent over 81 million times among LINE users, and LINE notes that they “have grown to become a brand new means of expression for creators around the world in this smartphone era on the level of photography, film, writing, and apps.”