May 19, 2022

GlobalWebIndex: Almost Half of All Teens in the UK and Canada Are Using Snapchat

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Yesterday, GlobalWebIndex released information that showed how popular Snapchat is with teens overall. Today, the market research company has released new information that breaks down how teenagers are responding to the app in select markets.

The information studies the photo messaging app’s top five markets, which consist of the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. GlobalWebIndex describes these markets as “mature markets where digital behaviors tend to generate the most headlines.”

Amongst teens, Snapchat is ahead of WhatsApp in its top five markets

According to the firm, nearly half of 16-19 year olds in the UK and Canada are monthly users of Snapchat, with the other three markets still ranking at over 40 percent. This means that Snapchat is ahead of WhatsApp, the current overall market leader in messaging, in all of these markets.

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In fact, Snapchat has even surpassed Facebook’s Messenger in the United States and Canada, which is all the more impressive when you consider all of the would-be Snapchat competitors launching into the market and the app’s availability only on iOS and Android.