February 7, 2023

WhatsApp Leads Messaging in Africa While Viber Leads in VoIP

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As it did back in September, WhatsApp Messenger continues to dominate the African messaging landscape.

With 7 percent of total traffic on Africa’s mobile networks, WhatsApp is the leading third-party messaging application according to data from the Global Internet Phenomena Program by Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband and network solutions for fixed and mobile operators.

In addition, Viber has overtaken Skype as the leading VoIP service on several networks. It was revealed in late September by GlobalWebIndex that 8 percent of teens use Viber globally compared to 24 percent using Skype. WhatsApp also dominated in the region as of last year.

All of the top messaging apps in the world have a presence on the three biggest mobile platforms

The mobile messaging market is a very competitive space, with a wide spectrum of applications with different features and focuses vying for a piece of the pie, but Facebook’s WhatsApp continues to dominate worldwide, with Tencent’s WeChat right on its tail.

All of the top messaging apps have a presence on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, while others continue to struggle on only two of the three platforms. Having an application on the three biggest platforms insures that users can utilize a communications app without compromise and results in larger user gains.