February 6, 2023

Samsung Confirms ChatON Application Will “Continue to be Offered to Consumers Worldwide”

Samsung, ChatON, messaging apps

With earlier reports indicating that Samsung was planning to axe its popular ChatON messaging app, the company has proven the reports false.

In a statement to the Verge, the company stated:

The recent rumors concerning ChatOn have been false, as ChatOn will continue to be offered to consumers worldwide.

Though it does have 100 million users — it’s not specified whether these are registered or active — there are many who consider ChatON more bloatware than anything. The service is one of Samsung’s non-profitable services and so the reports would not have surprised anyone had they turned out to be true.

Of course, next to WhatsApp, WeChat, and a host of other messaging apps to choose from, many of which have many times more users than ChatON, it’s difficult to say whether the app itself has a truly long term future, let alone a profitable one.

ChatON is downloadable on most smartphone platforms.

Are you a Samsung ChatON user? If so, what makes you choose it over other apps? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks Emily for the tip!