June 1, 2023

Brazilian Court Orders Suspension of WhatsApp Messenger Over Graphic Photos, Appeal Filed

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If you’re using WhatsApp Messenger in Brazil, you may have trouble accessing the popular messaging service in the future. A judge in Brazil has decided to order a suspension of the app because of WhatsApp’s refusal to help the Brazilian law-enforcement authorities with a case.

According to an anonymous source of The Guardian, the case involved “sexually graphic photos of children on the app” and wireless operators received the court order since WhatsApp doesn’t have offices in Brazil.

The suspension was ordered earlier in February, but an appeal was filed by lawyers.

SindiTelebrasil, an organization that represents Brazilian carriers, cautions that the court’s suspension could result in losses for millions of Brazilians who depend on the application professionally and personally.

WhatsApp would not comment on the court order.

Last year Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $22 billion and the app is currently testing voice over IP on some devices as it looks to move from messaging only into the realm of internet calls. The app also recently launched on the web.