TruTower is the premiere source for all things global roaming. These are the international SIM card and roaming service providers we currently cover, each of which offer international roaming plans to help save money when traveling, roaming and calling worldwide. Click the logo of your choice to view a description and the most recent news for your favorite worldwide service provider. Can’t find your favorite provider? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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  1. AirShip, AirShip Roaming, International Travel
  2. Clay Telecom, Clay Global GSM, Clay International SIM Card
  3. G3 Wireless, G3 Telecom Global Roaming, International SIM
  4. GigSky, International roaming, multinational travel sim
  5. Globalgig, Globalgig roaming, International Travel
  6. GOSIM, Global SIM, International Roaming
  7. HolidayPhone, roaming services, international roam
  8. Global internet service, data worldwide, roaming data sim
  9. LocalSIMKad, Roaming, Global Travel SIM
  10. Maxroam, Global SIM, Travel SIM Card
  11. Mobal, Mobal international phones, Global phones
  12. MobileGlobe, international travel, travelling service
  13. National Geographic SIM, International Phone Service, Global Travel SIM Card
  14. Onesimcard, Traveller phone service, international roaming
  15. Roam Mobility, International roaming, global SIM
  16. Roam Simple News, Roaming News, International SIMs
  17. Telna, Telecom North America, roaming SIMS
  18. Toggle Mobile, International Roaming, Global SIMs
  19. TravelSIM, International Traveling SIM Card, Global Roaming
  20. Truphone SIM, Travelling SIM, Phone Service
  21. Wireless Traveler, international roaming, global phone service
  22. WorldSIM, Global SIM card, International roaming
  23. XXsim, XX SIM Card, Data roaming

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  2. Piranha Mobile
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  1. Deprecated & Defunct Carriers

  3. Includes carriers that have gone out of business or merged with larger carriers.