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WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging application for available for smartphones running Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian. The company (and so the app) was founded in 2009 by Yahoo! veterans Brian Acton and Jan Koum and is based in Santa Clara, California.

In addition to sending messages in text form, users can also send and receive images, video, and audio messages. push-to-talk like voice messaging was added to all platforms on August 7, 2013. Messages can be sent in a group similar to Kik. WhatsApp also includes a Broadcast feature as well as a Status feature, putting it more parallel with the KakaoTalk and LINE apps.

Like Kik, WhatsApp does not include a real-time voice over IP calling feature, but sidesteps this limitation by allowing users to send short audio and video messages natively (with Kik, a downloadable add-on is required). WhatsApp also launched cross-platform voice messaging in August 2013. Full VoIP capabilities were announced on February 24, 2014 for inclusion into WhatsApp in Q2 2014.

WhatsApp handles approximately ten billion messages per day as of August 2012, five times more than it handled four months earlier. WhatsApp hit 400 million monthly active users worldwide in December 2013 and then skyrocketed to over 500 million by the end of April 2014. By August 2014, this number had grown to over 600 million active users.

In February 2014, Facebook agreed to purchase WhatsApp for $16 billion, plus $3 billion in stock.

WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone Receives New Features and Improvements

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Want to Make Voice Calls Using WhatsApp Messenger? You’ll Have to Wait Until 2015

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WhatsApp Messenger Had Revenue of $15 Million With a $232.5 Million Loss

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For the first time ever, Facebook disclosed financial results of WhatsApp for the first time today and it wasn’t all rainbows and pearls. In 6…

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