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It’s fantastic alone, but when you combine Tru’s SIM service with Google Voice, you have found a way to lower your phone bill.

How, you ask? Well if you live in one of the countries supported by both Google Voice and Tru, then you’re in luck. If you’re on Wi-Fi, by texting through the Google Voice app or website instead of your standard text messaging app, your text messages will be free. If you’re not on Wi-Fi, it would still cost less to send a message through the app (using your phone’s data) than it would be through standard text if you consider the average text message is about 16 KB in size. The website would probably be cheaper as well.

Tru does not charge for incoming text messages, nor do they charge for incoming calls to your UK phone number (if you have one).

In addition, voicemails will no longer cost you a dime since they can be listened to directly from the app or online. That means no more having to worry about high bills for checking voicemails. You are only charged when you answer a call, make a call, or use your data or text on your phone.

Keep in mind also that the rates offered by Google can change at any time and currently text messaging is not allowed for numbers outside the US and Canada. According to Google, this is only until billing systems are in place.

Still, if you’re a resident of the US who is looking to do business overseas and you don’t want to go through the trouble of constantly changing your number, getting charged for each individual text, or missing those voicemails, a combined Tru and Google Voice service may be just what you need to avoid phone bill shock.

There’s more you can do with your Truphone service and Google Voice. Visit our official Truphone SIM page to find out more!

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By Josh Robert Nay

Josh Robert Nay is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TruTower. He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing. In addition to the links below, he can be found on LinkedIn and can also be found on his website at