International Roaming, Turn off Data Roam, Prevent High Internet Web Usage

Research from CCMI, an information source for the telecom industry, reveals that a majority of Fortune 1000 companies are pursuing alternatives to control the extremely high wireless bills incurred when employees do business internationally.

The report, commissioned by Truphone, found that 40 percent of companies are forbidding or curtailing business usage of wireless devices while abroad to help manage costs.

In addition, 24 percent said that they have lost business as a result of roaming costs.

Perhaps most shocking is that nearly 37 percent of companies surveyed spend $1,000 USD (£ 636.50 GBP) or more per month per user on average wireless roaming costs for their international travelers, with stories of single monthly bill charges ranging from $10,000 USD (£ 6,365 GBP) to $200,000 USD (£ 127,299 GBP).

“These survey findings highlight the fact that among the biggest organizations in the country, the cost of roaming is a genuine pain point and significant expense item,” said Gary Cohen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Truphone Americas. “There is also evidence that small- and mid-sized companies are burdened with the same challenges.”

George David, president of CCMI, said, “The key take-away from the survey is that virtually all respondents demonstrate a high degree of correlation in their desire for a more effective solution to control runaway wireless roaming costs. For a player that brings a high quality service to bear, this is a clearly valuable market niche.”

The study reveals other key findings related to roaming expenditures, alternatives corporations are using to offset roaming costs, travel trends and more.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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