Tru VoIP Application, BlackBerry 10, RIM BlackBerry Voice Over IP

Tru VoIP Application, BlackBerry 10, RIM BlackBerry Voice Over IP

Many of you asked if I would look into the possibility of Tru releasing their voice over IP app for Windows Phone or Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko (B2G) OS.

We reported on the possibility of the Truphone VoIP app coming out for Windows Phone 8 way back on February 4. According to Adam Linford of Tru Labs (with whom we recently had the opportunity to interview regarding some specifics of Tru’s plans for the future of the Tru App), “Windows Phone [8] is quite some way off before [we have] anything to announce.”

Because of limitations with the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Tru was not able to release their popular VoIP app, but Mr. Linford believes this problem should be fixed with Windows Phone 8.

As for Boot to Gecko, because the OS isn’t even available yet, Mr. Linford said releasing the app for the HTML5 operating system “isn’t even on the roadmap.”

Even if it was, there is no guarantee the app would be available at this time. Looking at the market share and even considering the recent study with developers losing interest in Android, Windows Phone and especially Boot to Gecko have a long way to go before they overtake iOS and Android, the two operating systems that Tru will be concentrating on first.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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