Sun. May 31st, 2020

Windows Phone 8 Apollo Update Coming To All Windows Phone Devices

WP8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft OS

Happy news for all of you who are using Windows Phone devices with your global SIM services or VoIP/Messaging apps! Apparently, Windows Phone 8, also known as Apollo, will reportedly be available on every single Windows Phone device on the market, including first-generation Windows Phone handsets.

WMPowerUser has apparently come across some details regarding the highly-anticipated next-gen Windows Phone OS through a Microsoft spokesperson at an event in Portugal:

Q: In terms of devices, who today have one is it expectable that…

A: What Microsoft said/stated and what I’m allowed to tell you is that all actual devices will get upgrade to the next major version of Windows Phone (we´re talking about Apollo)

Q: When you say actual devices. Are all that came out to market?

A: Are all that came out. Since the first generation that were bought. The LGs and SAMSUNGs.. OMNIA 7 which were the first devices with Windows Phone reaching the market.

This news seems to pertain to all countries except the U.S. at the moment. No details regarding timing were revealed. It does remain to be seen if this will prove true for those phones from carriers in the U.S., where carriers have just as much say on updates as the equipment manufacturers.