Pebble Blue Galaxy S III, White Samsung GS3, Galaxy S3 delay

While we took previous reports of a shortage and a delay of the pebble blue version of the Galaxy S III with a grain of salt, those reports seem to have been given merit, as Vodafone UK is now telling Pocket-lint that only the 16GB Marble White version will hit the high streets this week, with as many as two to four weeks before any Pebble Blue variant, or even 32GB white models, are ready to go.

Pebble Blue Galaxy S III, White Samsung GS3, Galaxy S3 delayPebble Blue Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S3, GalaxyS3Galaxy S3, Samsung GalaxySIII, GalaxyS3

There isn’t much comfort if you decide to turn elsewhere to get your Galaxy S III to use on global SIMs, either. Many third-party shops are all warning of at least slight delays for blue models that range from June 5th at Clove to a somewhat ominous-sounding “to be confirmed” at Handtec.

Samsung is still quiet about what’s triggering the delays, although Negri Electronics’ founder Ryan Negri is claiming that different regions have been short-changed on different colors. Whatever the cause, it appears as if the Galaxy S III will face a rocky launch due to these delays, even though the device has been well-received in the mobile tech world.

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