Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Apple Wants Samsung Galaxy S III Banned As Patent Wars Saga Continues

Apple Death Star picture, Apple logo Star Wars, Funny Apple Logo

The Apple Empire has come out against the Galaxy as the Patent Wars saga continues.

Apple’s got their tie fighters lawyers out again, this time going after Samsung’s record-breaking behemoth, the Galaxy S III. Lame Star Wars references aside, this could spell trouble for the new Android 4.0 flagship.

Apple has added the new Galaxy S III to the same request for a preliminary US ban that would stop the Galaxy Nexus according to a report obtained via Engadget. According to Apple, the Samsung Galaxy S III violates at least two patents: one, the data tapping patent that’s also being leveled against HTC; and the other a unified search patent that covers Siri.

We must admit that, though we tire of seeing Apple in some kind of legal arm wrestle with a new competitor seemingly every few days, we do find the S Voice interface eerily similar to that of Siri. Apple argues that the (still unconfirmed) nine million pre-orders of the Galaxy S III represent the potential damage if the US court lets the dispute slide.

A hearing is scheduled for June 7th.

Samsung has already said that the injunction call won’t affect its rapidly approaching US launch, so those of you who have pre-ordered should still get your devices on time.