Fri. May 29th, 2020

BlackBerry PlayBook Canadian Marketshare Increases to 19 Percent, Apple iPad Slipping

16 GB BlackBerry PlayBook, BB PB, PlayBook OS

RIM may not be doing the greatest, but they are far from dead, and Canada is out to prove it. According to a new study done by SRG’s Digital Life Canada, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Canadian market share has increased to 19% in Q1 2012. Meanwhile Apple’s iPad, slipped to 52% of the market from 80% a year earlier.

“Given iPad sales continue to be robust, Apple’s shrinking market share can be attributed in part to a fast-growing category with more product variety. But there is also clearly an appetite for devices with smaller-screen sizes that allow for more portability than the iPad, not to mention at a significantly lower price point.”

This could mean that there may be some truth to the iPad Mini rumors floating around as Apple continues to fight its competitors to prevent itself from losing anymore marketshare. Let’s just hope these fights turn more into true innovation and less litigation.

SRGNet (via TechVibes)