Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Want a Facebook HTC Phone? Wait Until Mid-2013 Says Bloomberg West

Facebook Phone, HTC Facebook Smartphone, Android Facebook Smartphone

There were a few rumors floating around the internet back in April about a Facebook/HTC collaboration on a new Android smartphone, and now those old rumors have resurfaced again, this time through Bloomberg West.

The first rumor was authored by DigiTimes, who initially said the HTC Facebook phone would be released sometime this year, but the new rumors from Bloomberg West indicate that the new smartphone won’t be reaching the hands of consumers until the middle of next year, if indeed the rumors prove true (which means the phone will likely run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean).

Facebook Android Phone, HTC Smartphone, HTC FB phone

Other than these scant details, there is little else to go on right now. Neither Facebook nor HTC have made any official announcements on this collaboration yet. Still, would you purchase an HTC Facebook phone for use with your phone service?

Bloomberg West (Twiiter), Bloomberg