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Those sporting HTC One X and One S smartphones on Truphone SIM — including those running international versions — are apparently going to get an update which will put these devices inline with the GSM version of the One V and allow users to map the pre-Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich menu button to the multitasking capacitive touch key on the bottom of the device.

The One series’ use of three hard buttons along the bottom of the device — back, home, and multitasking — are the only three navigation buttons required in Android 4.0, but many apps have yet to be upgraded to use on-screen menu buttons and still require the universal button used in previous versions of Android. For those apps, the One series has always displayed a large black bar at the bottom of the screen that served as a menu button.

HTC One S Update, HTC One V GSM Upgrade, HTC One X Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

However, the recent update will allow users to either keep the functionality as-is, or set up their devices so that short-presses of the multitasking button will service as a menu key and a long press enters the app-multitasking menu (or vice-versa).


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By Josh Robert Nay

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