The KakaoTalk calling and messaging app for Android has just received a new update that brings some new features to the table as well as fixes a few pesky bugs.

The changelog reveals that users can now make group calls by choosing up to 5 friends in a chat room, or by inviting friends while in a two-participant chat room. The update also brings the ability to turn off alerts in a one-on-one chat with “certain friends” by accessing a chatroom alerts option in the settings menu.

Another new feature is the ability to put a status announcement at the top of a chat room in which you’re having a one on one conversation simply by long-tapping a message you have sent.

As for the bug fixes, they appear to be very minor fixes as they have not been broken down in detail. Still, we’re always happy to have fewer bugs to deal with; it improves the experience of staying connected with friends and family, and that is always a good thing.

Have you downloaded the update yet?