Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

RIM: “At Least” Six BlackBerry 10 Devices Coming This Year

BB 10, BlackBerry logo, RIM BB10 OS

If you’ve been excited about using your VoIP app or international GSM service on BlackBerry 10, you may be even more excited to learn that, in addition to the two devices we already know about, Research in Motion will be releasing “at least” four others for a grand total of six in 2013.

RIM CMO Frank Boulben confirmed as much in an interview with Fierce Wireless, saying that the company would aim to hit a range of price points.

RIM reportedly has no exclusive carrier agreements in place, which Boulden says frees the company up to target the high, middle, and low end segments of the smartphone market. The company has been struggling in the high-end market for years, so pushing devices at the low end could be crucial to BlackBerry 10 as it competes with devices running Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. It’s not clear if RIM intends to stop selling BlackBerry 7 devices at this time.