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HTC is preparing a smartphone known as the M7 according to recent rumors, and those rumors have been given a little fuel by Android Police, who has revealed a number of alleged photos of the device. However, it should be noted that these photos bear little resemblance to those previously leaked, which could mean this isn’t the M7 at all, but another future device, or it could also mean the pictures themselves have been fabricated.

The device pictured includes an industrial design that bears a striking resemblance to that of the HTC Droid DNA except for one major difference: HTC appears to have swapped the positions of both the Home and Multitasking buttons, completely turning the standard Android button placement around. The device also appears to be running Sense 5.0 according to Android Police sources. Sense 5.0 is HTC’s latest skin version, though it’s not able to be seen from the photos below, showing only as “protected.”

HTC M7 leaks, M7 leaked photos, Android leaked photos

If these photos aren’t fabricated and are indeed real, it looks as if HTC is definitely looking to switch things up. A number of changes have been made to the software, specifically where the colors are concerned. We should know more about HTC’s hardware and software plans as Mobile World Congress gets underway next month.

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