Mon. Aug 10th, 2020

Users Can Now Record Skype Video and Voice Calls Using DVDVideoSoft Application

Skype calls, Video call recording, Record calling app

If you’ve ever wanted to record your Skype conversations — whether it’s to remember a special event, for business, or just for fun — then you may want to freeware developer DVDVideoSoft for a solution. DVDVideoSoft has just released a new application that allows users to record Skype video and audio calls.

The application, Free Video Call Recorder for Skype, has no limitations as far as length and is simple to utilize, allowing three modes of use: Picture-in-picture, Video of other participants, and Only audio. Picture-in picture allows the recording of video and audio of all those participating in the current call. Video of other participants records the video calls of specific participants. Only audio, as the name implies, only records audio conversations. The application saves the recordings in various popular formats.

“We are delighted to introduce this amazing app today,” said Alex Kelvin, CEO of DVDVideoSoft Ltd. “We are proud to be releasing the first free Skype video recorder. This program will be of great use for anyone: for techs as well as for those who are not computer savvys. Basically, the program has only 3 buttons: Start, Pause, and Play which will do all the job and record Skype calls easily.”

If you’d like to get started recording Skype calls, you can download Free Video Call Recorder for Skype on the DVDVideoSoft website. Don’t forget to download the latest update of Skype to ensure complete compatibility.

Photo: DVDVideoSoft