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It has certainly been awhile since we’ve heard anything regarding Truphone’s App development for BlackBerry 10. Back in July, Truphone spoke with the BlackBerry Developer Blog regarding plans for its application on the new operating system. Before that, representatives from Research in Motion and Truphone appeared in a video to discuss the application.

Truphone spoke with TruTower and confirmed to us that the application was going to be a simultaneous release with BB10 way back on May 9th, but that was well before the new BB10 operating system’s much-noted delay to today. So is the application still on track for simultaneous launch?

According to our internal sources familiar with Truphone, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The application’s dialer screen (shown in a photo below that was first posted on Truphone’s official Twitter account) is a clear indication that the application is indeed ready (at least to make and receive calls) and will be launching alongside the new OS.

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We have contacted Truphone and to see if we can get another official confirmation of the app’s appearance. Regardless, we’ll be able to find out for sure once the day is over, BlackBerry 10 is launched, and the app has gone live in the BlackBerry World store. Stay tuned.

Update: We were able to confirm that Truphone is indeed bringing the app to BB10 today.

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