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HTC continues its efforts in competing for a larger chunk of the smartphone market space. Those efforts now include naming the “One” as the only HTC flagship device for this year.

HTC’s head of UK and Ireland, Phil Roberson spoke to Omio on the company’s One smartphone line and specifically stated that the “HTC One is the flagship device” for 2013, citing difficulty in marketing the One X and One S devices simultaneously and the resulting customer confusion when trying to differentiate between the two devices.

“Last year we had the X and the S, where people had different personal preferences between the two … We just said, let’s just create one flagship device for this year.”

When pressed for confirmation that there would not be any more flagship devices this year, Roberson responded in the affirmative. “No; this is The One.”

The strategy of marketing one smartphone at a time has been used by Apple and Samsung in the past, and is a smart move by HTC. Marketing one device at a time can allow the company to better concentrate its marketing efforts on one device that fits across all carriers instead of a different exclusive device for each individual carrier. It’s great to see HTC decide against over-saturation of the market.

The One looks to give the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV, the next Nokia Lumia, and the “iPhone 5S” some good competition. Without a doubt, it will be interesting to watch the titans clash.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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