Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

Job Posting Confirms “Next Release” of Windows Phone Will Be Ready for the Holidays

Microsoft OS, WP8, Windows Phone 8

Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 8 OS was released back in October and has been gradually gaining market share ever since. While this gain has been happening, the software company has been pushing out WP8 updates. However, a job posting confirms that its “next release” will not be available until this holiday season as reported by WMPowerUser.

Windows Phone didn’t make a splash at this year’s Mobile World Congress event due to Microsoft’s decision to hold its own event. Still, partners such as Nokia were on hand to make sure the OS received its time in the spotlight.

The company is working on Windows Blue, a unified effort by the company to unite Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 across multiple devices. Blue will lead to regular updates to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft recently released “Portico,” the first significant WP8 update, and the software maker is planning other improvements under a broad effort known as “Apollo Plus”, which was originally said to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress before Microsoft pulled its participation.